What is Yogadharma?

Restoring Dharma to Yoga

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A practice that restores Dharma to Yoga

This century has seen a steady decline in the discipline of Yoga. From a stratospheric level it has been reduced to fraudulent Hot Yoga, Goat Yoga, Sex Yoga and other such assorted absurdities.

To learn Yoga correctly a background is necessary. This consists of its roots, its purpose, its civilizational positioning, and its vast corpus of knowledge and practice.

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Foundations of Yoga Learning and Practices

Historical Background

The Yogasutras

A Critique of Modern Yoga

The Ecosystem of Yoga

The Instruments of Yoga

The Dharma in Yoga

“Modern Yoga Practitioners often miss meditating upon Shiva, the first Yogi.

Yoga is not just limited to physical exercises. Yoga is a comprehensive system of total existence.”


Deepak Kotecha, A Yogi

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